Nintendo working on MMO?

Nintendo is developing an unknown number of games with Korean developer Nexon, best known for its free-to-play massively-multiplayer online title, Maple Story, according to Korean news siteJoongAng Daily.

The potential of Wii's online gameplay is still unclear, with Nintendo yet to release the required service details to developers for use in new games - the first Wii online titles are not expected for months. But Nexon's MMO background could suggest Nintendo is finally making a push into online gaming with Wii.

Above: Maple Story for PC

Nexon has already revealed that it is working on a DS version of Maple Story but the cartoonified, anime-style visuals would suit both handheld and console. And the characters could easily be exchanged for Mii-like designs, as with The Sims Wii and, according to rumors, Animal Crossing Wii. Watch this space.

January 3, 2006

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