Nintendo Switch Pro reveal is supposedly coming this week

Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue Edition
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The Nintendo Switch Pro could be revealed this week, a new rumor has claimed.

CentroLeaks, a Twitter account focusing on gaming-related leaks claims that pre-orders for the new Nintendo Switch Pro will be going live later this week on June 4. The Twitter account itself claims this through being able to verify a screenshot from a "big retailer's internal system," which allegedly shows the new console's scheduled pre-order date of Friday, June 4.

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This isn't the first time there's been talk of the Nintendo Switch Pro from a retailer. Earlier this week, Amazon Mexico accidentally put up a listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The retailer swiftly deleted the listing shortly after it was first put live, but not before many eagle-eyed internet explorers noted its appearance on the site.

That's not the only information circling about Nintendo's new console over the last week. Recently, a Spanish news outlet claimed that the revised console model will have a far bigger screen than what we're currently used to with the Nintendo Switch, and additionally, it'll have an improved stand with an ethernet port for quicker download speeds.

Obviously, it goes without saying that all this information has never been confirmed by Nintendo, and we should take it with a pinch of salt until the Nintendo Switch Pro is unveiled by the Japanese company. If the recent reports and leaks are true however, we might not have long to wait at all before we finally see the newly-revised console for ourselves.

Rumours of an upgraded console have been circling for months, but late last month, a report suggested that we could see the new Nintendo Switch Pro prior to E3 2021 in mid-June. The report claimed that Nintendo wanted to get the new console out in front of the world to give developers a chance to announce their Nintendo Switch Pro-ready games at E3. If this is true, Nintendo has a very limited time frame to reveal their new console before the showcase kicks off next week.

For a list of what games Nintendo has planned to launch throughout the rest of the year, head over to our upcoming Switch games guide for more.

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