A listing for "New Nintendo Switch Pro" reportedly popped up on Amazon Mexico

Nintendo Switch
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A product listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro has reportedly popped up on Amazon Mexico.

Replying to trusted games industry insider Wario64, Twitterer @Alphabeat_g said they'd spotted a listing for "New Nintendo Switch Pro" on Amazon Mexico – which has leaked legitimate games ahead of official confirmation before, of course – and managed to grab a screenshot before the link was taken offline. 

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Is this definitive proof that a Nintendo Switch Pro is on the way? Hardly. While it's possible it's a legitimate screengrab (thanks, VGC), the internet is awash with Photoshopped fakes – the Twitterer who posted the screenshot has already been accused of fibbing – so for now, all we can do is chalk this up to an enthusiastic rumor and hope Nintendo puts us out of our misery with confirmation, either way, sooner rather than later. 

ICYMI, new hardware details for Nintendo Switch Pro – a nickname Nintendo has also yet to confirm, by the way – may have surfaced through an alleged leak from a third-party peripheral manufacturer. The leak shared information about the new Switch hardware revision which recent reports have indicated will be officially revealed before the start of E3 2021.

The new Switch is rumored to be of a similar size to the current model but with a significantly larger screen. This will be achieved by reducing the size of the black plastic bezel, increasing the total real estate taken up by the screen itself. The report also indicates that the new Switch will use an OLED screen, which lines up with info pulled from a display manufacturer's investor briefing earlier this month.

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