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Nintendo Switch is back in stock and selling fast - don't get beat by the scalpers

nintendo switch deals
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Nintendo Switch deals have been a rare sight again early in 2021. So much so we've often only been able to find the watered down Nintendo Switch Lite at most stores. The stock of the full-sized Nintendo Switch has been hard to come by at a sensible price as we've seen listings closer to $400 instead of the $299.99 price tag. So if you want one at the proper MSRP, you better check out the deal at Dell below.

We've seen stock vanish while we've been writing up stories about it lately, so we really would head on over to Dell as soon as you can if you're looking to pick up a Switch anytime soon. There's a comparison chart further down the page showing the other cheapest prices in your area. Amazon US has a few units on backorder, but you'll be waiting until March for delivery. 

On the plus side, Nintendo Switch stock has been easier to find than anyone other consoles this year. Just ask anyone trying to buy a PS5 or track down Xbox Series X stock.

Today's best Nintendo Switch deal

Nintendo Switch | $299.99 at Dell

Nintendo Switch | $299.99 at Dell
Despite the Switch being a few years old now, it's held its value at stores remarkably well. We wouldn't think on this for long as stock of the deal was 61% sold at the time of writing, so it's unlikely it'll see sundown at this rate.

Mario Edition Nintendo Switch | $299.99 at Best Buy

Mario Edition Nintendo Switch | $299.99 at Best Buy
Hold the phone though as this brand new edition of the Nintendo Switch has just popped back into stock over at Best Buy. It doesn't come with a game, but you do get a carry case.

If you're after a few extras to go with your new console, we have a few guides you might find handy, which also list the best prices. Check out these Nintendo Switch headsets, Nintendo Switch Accessories, Nintendo Switch memory cards, and also the best Nintendo Switch games.

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