Nicolas Cage and Steve Buscemi will voice G-Force

It’s not every day that Nicolas Cage signs up to give voice to a CG mole. On the other hand, maybe it is… Still, when Jerry Bruckheimer’s the man asking you to take a job, chances are you ask how he wants his mole-voice.

The power of the Bruck buck has lured more thesps to G-Force – the tale of hyper-intelligent animal commandos who team up to foil a billionaire’s plan to take over the world. Fellow Bruckheimer veteran Steve Buscemi’s agreed to voice a hamster, while 30 Rock comedy loon Tracy Morgan will lend his tonsils to a guinea pig. What, Chris Rock was busy?

And that’s just the voices – the likes of Bill Nighy and Will Arnett have also agreed to appear, but they’ll be playing humans. And Bruckheimer raves about Yeatman’s idea… “He’s a visual effects genius, and he has worked on a number of our movies in the past," Bruckheimer told the trade mag. “He came up with this idea with his son, believe it or not. We developed the screenplay. Now we are filming. It's pretty exciting for him - it's his first time directing - and it's exciting for us to get into a whole new medium. It's a good story; it's unique characters, it's half animation, half live action. It falls right into the Disney family of films - the kind of films we make, like National Treasure, which entertain everybody from the smallest kid to the oldest grandparent." Provided they’re not afraid of rodents, of course…