Nick Fury series in the works at Disney Plus starring Samuel L. Jackson

(Image credit: Marvel)

Marvel is working on a new Disney Plus series based on Nick Fury, and Samuel L. Jackson is back to reprise the role.

This is according to a Variety report, which says Jackson is starring as Nick Fury, but is otherwise light on character and plot details. That said, it sounds like Kyle Bradstreet, a TV writer and producer known for Mr. Robot, is signed on to write and executive produce the Nick Fury Disney Plus series.

The SHIELD commander made his first appearance in the MCU during the after-credits scene from 2008's Iron Man, with Jackson reprising his role in the 2010 follow-up and eventually becoming a mainstay in the long-running Avengers saga. 

The last we saw from the character was in Spider-Man: Far From Home, where he and Mysterio recruit Peter Parker while he's on a school trip to Europe to help fight the Elementals. While that turned out to be the Skrull Talos posing as Fury, it was definitely Jackson, who showed up as himself in the post-credits scene aboard a huge Skrull space station. Before that, Nick Fury appeared near the end of Avengers: Endgame after Bruce Banner revived him using the Infinity Stones. He also made a few appearances in Agents of Shield, the ABC series that wrapped with an epic two-part finale last month.

Given the character's involvement with just about every primary actor in the MCU, there's no telling which other superheroes or storylines the Disney Plus series will follow, but we'll be anxiously waiting to find out and share with you right here at GamesRadar+.

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