Watch every New York Comic Con trailer in one place - from Aquaman to Star Trek Discovery season 2

Every New York Comic Con trailer

Busy weekend? Don't worry, you can catch up on every New York Comic Con trailer right here. If you didn't have time to watch all of NYCC 2018 - and even if you did and you just want to watch all the amazing New York Comic Con trailers again - we've got you covered with every teaser, trailer, and tidbit of footage released at the geek-tastic event. While the Hellboy trailer sadly never made it online, there's still plenty to feast your eyes on and you can find it all below. 

From a five minute long sneak peek at the Aquaman movie, to our first look at young (bearded!) Spock from Star Trek Discovery season 2, the best New York Comic Con trailers showed us something a little different... but it's not just about the biggest movies and TV shows. We also got our first look at many new series coming to our screens soon, including Amazon Prime's adaptation of the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman collaboration Good Omens, CBS All Access' fairytale retelling Tell Me a Story, and Netflix Original She-Ra and the Princess of Power. Read on and watch every New York Comic Con trailer in one place. 



There's been good reason to be nervous about Aquaman - previous DCEU movies have received mostly mixed reviews, and the character has historically been treated as something of a joke. Watch this 5-minute(!) trailer and be nervous no more. This looks fun, and the tease at the end (no spoilers!) is worth getting giddy over.


We've seen action, we've seen horror, now we see some straight-up desperation in the final trailer for Overlord. There isn't much in here to support those continuing "it's actually a Cloverfield movie" rumors, but it looks like it will be a freaky good time either way.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

This latest trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is so packed with excellent moments it's difficult to pick just one of them out. This is the kind of weird, fun Marvel movie that you can get into even if you have no idea who this "Thanos" person is that everybody keeps talking about.

Mortal Engines

The strange "what if Mad Max but they all drove Howl's Moving Castles" scenario at the heart of Mortal Engines is immediately compelling, and this trailer does a great job selling it. We'll have to wait and see if the movie can deliver on all the strange delights it's promising, but for now let's just enjoy the view.

 Dragon Ball Super: Broly 

Don't let the weird name fool you: Broly isn't merely another story of a bunch of muscle-bound heroes fighting an equally muscular alien. It's also a revised origin story for Goku and Vegeta, casting their beginnings on the Saiyan homeworld in a new and more nuanced light.


Star Trek Discovery season 2

You can take your first look at Star Trek Discovery's young Spock, played by Ethan Peck, in the second season 2 trailer released at New York Comic Con 2018. And not just young Spock, but young Spock with a beard! Yes, really. Other notable appearances include the return of Michael and Spock's mom Amanda Grayson and Mirror Universe Philippa Georgiou.

The Flash season 5

Things get weird (well, weirder) in The Flash season 5, as a girl who claims to be Barry and Iris' daughter from the future arrives in the present. But it looks like not everything is going the way it was supposed to, and getting his kid(?) home while saving the world could be The Flash's biggest challenge yet.

A Discovery of Witches

Demons, vampires, witches - they're all part of our world, according to A Discovery of Witches, and they may not stay hidden much longer. This series coming to Shudder and Sundance Now follows a promising witch as she explores her birthright and begins a forbidden romance with a vampire. Different kinds of monsters aren't supposed to mash, you see. 

Deadly Class

Making it through a high school full of assassins would be hard enough, but when you're the late-enrolling new kid? Woof. You can't argue with a production credit from the Russo Brothers, and it looks like Deadly Class will be a hard-hitting yet stylish new series when it hits Syfy in January.

 Happy season 2

Following a thoroughly unsanctified examination of all things Christmas, Happy season 2 returns to strike fear in the heart of the Easter bunny. This trailer also includes a behind-the-scenes look at all of the depraved souls responsible for bringing you the second part of this sick, strange tale.

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