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New Trailer For Stone

Working its way onto the web this week was the trailer for Stone , something we managed to miss until today.

Make sure you check it out though, because the DeNiro versus Norton battle has begun, and it looks like it's going to be intense.

Based on the play by Angus Maclachan, which he adapted for the screen, and directed by Norton's Painted Veil collaborator John Curran, the film also stars Milla Jovovich as Norton's wife.

Norton plays the titular convicted arsonist, who uses his wife as a bargaining tool when trying to negotiate a release with DeNiro's veteran parole officer.

Take a look at the trailer and tel us what you think, and be warned it contains bad language and brief nudity (courtesy of Dark Horizons);

Although it seems like they may have told us too much, we're still very interested in seeing a braided Norton up against a twilight DeNiro, and with a bit of Jovovich eyecandy thrown in for good measure the film definitely has enough to keep interest levels high.

Stone is released in 2010.

Love the braids? Hate the braids? Let us know.