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New technology allows games to be controlled entirely with eye movements

To accomplish this, engineering research group National Instruments uses electrodes which measure voltage activity when a human's eyes move. As the voltage generated from eye movements is very weak, delicate measurements are required. Nevertheless, the engineers have created working prototypes - look left or right and an object on the screen will move accordingly. Or, open your eyes wider to expand the view.

The technology likely has many medical applications (helping treat patients with 'lazy eyes' was noted), but National Instruments applications engineer Hunter Smith says he's also interested in applying it to videogames. The company has already developed a simplistic flight simulation game controlled exclusively by eye movement.

The probability is low that the technology will be deployed to consumers as a gaming mechanism on a large scale, but it could help disabled gamers effectively control games otherwise controlled with buttons, analog sticks, and body movements. And that's pretty cool.

[Source: Design News]

Feb 7, 2011