New Tales from the Borderlands gets October release date

New Tales from the Borderlands
(Image credit: Gearbox)

New Tales from the Borderlands just got an October 21 release date via recently updated Amazon listings.

As spotted by the ever-watchful gaze of Wario64 on Twitter, the Amazon pages for all versions of New Tales from the Borderlands - which has also been confirmed to be the official title - shows the release date and price. It seems Amazon got ahead of Gearbox on the announcement, as we've yet to see an official trailer for the follow-up, despite CEO Randy Pitchford teasing a summer reveal.

The Amazon listings also revealed that the game will cost $50 on all platforms, which is a good deal more than the original game, which cost $5 per episode, so $25 for all five of 'em. Nowadays, you can pickup the whole season for around $20. That could suggest a much meatier follow-up is on the way.

Finally, you can check out the newly revealed cover art right here:

(Image credit: Gearbox)

New Tales from the Borderlands was announced back in April, with Gearbox taking development in-house rather than outsourcing it to another studio, as it did with 2014's Tales from the Borderlands.

Again, since we don't have a trailer - even the announcement was just a teaser image - it's hard to say where Gearbox will be taking the series now that it's given itself complete creative control. Pitchford has confirmed that the follow-up will feature "all new characters and all new stories from Borderlands," so don't expect a direct continuation of the story from the first game.

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