New Tales coming to Sony, Ninendo platforms

Namco Bandai has revealed four new games in its popular Tales series for Nintendo and Sony platforms, in the pages of Japanese Famitsu magazine.

The mag confirms a sequel to GameCube RPG Tales of Symphonia for Wii, as well as new entry Tales of Innocence for Nintendo DS. PSP meanwhile gets the aptly named Tales of Rebirth, while PS2 will see Tales of Destiny arrive. That's a lot of tales.

We're still scouring Famitsu with a fine magnifying glass, but the DS entry seems to be an entirely new game, while PSP's Rebirth and PS2's Destiny are "Director's Cut" ports.

We'll let you know when the first screens turn up, and if the Wii and DS versions are worth getting excited about.

July 20, 2007