New Square Enix trademarks could hint at future of Final Fantasy

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix made public today three new trademarks that could indicate the studio's upcoming plans for Final Fantasy. Specifically, the trademarks, filed in December 2020, seem to be related to Final Fantasy 7. 

As Gematsu reports, Square Enix filed trademarks for "Ever Crisis," and "The First Soldier," and the Shinra Electric Power Company logo. As Final Fantasy fans might have noticed, all three of the filings seem related to the series, and Final Fantasy 7 in particular. Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched in 2020, kicking off the first in a reboot series that will retell and expand upon the 1997 classic Final Fantasy.

Ever Crisis sounds like it could continue themes from the 2004 mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and the 2007 PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The First Soldier could be referencing 1st Class Soldier and Final Fantasy 7 antagonist Sephiroth. Finally, the Shinra Electric Power Company you'll remember as the industrial megacorporation supplying Mako energy in Final Fantasy 7.

Despite the apparent connection to the Final Fantasy universe, there's no guarantee Square Enix will ever actually do anything with the trademarks. That said, they could indicate themes and plot points coming in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, which is currently in development.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is also hard at work on Final Fantasy 16, which was announced as a PS5 exclusive during last year's PS5 showcase. It doesn't seem like the new Square Enix trademarks have any relation to Final Fantasy 16.

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