New Scuf PS5 controllers are the console's first third-party pads - but they're already sold out

Scuf Reflex PS5 controllers
(Image credit: Scuf/Corsair)

At long last, third-party PS5 controllers have appeared out in the wild. The Scuf Reflex series is a collection of three new pads specifically designed for PS5, but unfortunately for us, all pre-order stock has sold out already. In fact, demand was so high that the Scuf Webstore struggled (and then crashed) under the pressure. While
a few customised DualSenses have appeared before, this is the first major company to go live with controllers of their own making - and hopefully marks the beginning of a new wave of PS5 accessories.

There's no word on when more pre-orders will go live, but the demand is clearly here for third-party controllers. Because this is something that has been enjoyed by Xbox Series X|S owners for a while now, the Scuf PS5 controllers are a welcome addition to those building their ideal PS5 setup.

Scuf PS5 controller paddles

(Image credit: Scuf/Corsair)

While they seemingly share a lot of the same design language as Sony's own DualSense controllers, there's plenty more going on with these pads. The most obvious of those would be the remappable paddles on the rear, adding extra control and versatility to the package.

The range of three Reflex controllers - the Reflex, the Reflex Pro, and the Reflex FPS - also houses some great design quirks and features that will offer folks the chance to gain competitive edges, remap buttons to their preferences, and get something a little more unique in their setup that should enhance their experiences.

After PS5 SSDs and headsets, PS5 accessories like third-party pads such as these ones from Scuf are going to be right up there in terms of sought-after gear. Especially because the Reflex series is going to become a trailblazer by being the first third-party controller for PlayStation 5.

Prices start at $199/£199 and there will be eight colours to choose from. Here's how the controllers differ from one another.

Scuf Reflex - the standard model

Scuf Reflex PS5 controllers

(Image credit: Scuf/Corsair)

While the standard Reflex model is the most 'basic' model, it is also the entry point into the Reflex suite of features. In brief, the Reflex controllers will offer those remappable paddles, adaptive triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks, vibration modules, onboard profiles, and the familiar mute button and USB-C charging, while also adding Bluetooth functionality too. Nice.

Scuf Reflex Pro - the premium option

Scuf Reflex PS5 controllers

(Image credit: Scuf/Corsair)

The Reflex Pro is the middle controller and adds a high-performance grip to the controller. This is ideal for those who have a firm or particular grip on their pad, those who think the DualSense remains a bit too slippy, or, like me, anyone who has smaller or different hands who could benefit from, well, extra grip.

On balance, this is the one we are most looking forward to seeing and getting our hands on for review. It seems to be the most feature-filled yet accessible model, and one that's not too specialist. And it is also the one that splits the difference in terms of price point. But speaking of specialist...

Scuf Reflex FPS - the eSports version

Scuf Reflex PS5 controllers

(Image credit: Scuf/Corsair)

The Reflex FPS is a focused controller clearly designed for those looking for an edge in online and competitive first-person shooter games like Warzone, Overwatch, Battlefield, and others. The Reflex keeps the core feature set, but with two notable changes: the adaptive triggers are replaced by instant triggers and bumpers, supposedly more akin to a mouse click for instant actuation, and there are no vibration modules. This will appeal to a core of players looking for something that is absolutely focused on shooters and removing any barriers to speed.

While this might seem very specialist, it's worth pointing out that the Reflex pads can also be contenders for best PC controller too as they are compatible with that platform.

As we mentioned above, unfortunately, the Scuf controller is unavailable to buy or pre-order right now. Until it comes back, here are the latest prices on the other PS5 controller we know we can use: the DualSense. All the latest prices on all the colourways can be found below.

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