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New Psychonauts 2 trailer gives fans a small glimpse into the long-awaited sequel

Psychonauts 2
(Image credit: Double Fine)

Psychonauts 2 has got a brand new trailer. 

New footage of Psychonauts 2 has been released which features tonnes of returning characters, nightmare fuel, and the glossiest textures we’ve ever seen in a Double Fine game. 

The new trailer, which is part of GameInformer’s (opens in new tab) latest cover reveal, shows clips of the first Psychonauts title from 2005 as well as several shots of the upcoming sequel. 

We also get another look at what seems to be Psychonauts HQ, which shows off just how much the game has improved this time around.  

Fans are also offered another brief look at the upcoming title’s gameplay which sees Raz battling a bunch of stamping Censors with several new-looking PSI powers. For fans of the original game, there’s also a very quick preview of returning characters Milla Vodello, Sasha Nein, and Dr. Caligosto Loboto. 

From just seeing a tiny preview of the worlds on offer in Psychonauts 2, we can already tell from the neon lights, bright colors, and terrifying environments (here’s looking at you, bridge made out of teeth) that this game is going to take us on a psychedelic journey. A journey that will be made even more groovy with a guest appearance by Jack Black

Double Fine also shared this trailer on Twitter and in a thread reassured fans once again that Psychonauts 2 is still on track to release this year, adding: “Again: the game is coming this year.” (opens in new tab) The Twitter account also confirmed that the game will be making its way to PlayStation, as well as Xbox, and PC after there were fears that Psychonauts 2 would be an Xbox exclusive after Double Fine was purchased by Microsoft in 2019. 

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There’s still no official date as for when we will finally get to play Psychonauts 2 other than it’s definitely coming this year. However taking into consideration that Tim Shafer and team wrapped up voice recording for the game at the start of the year, we may be getting close now. Fingers crossed that we get some kind of reveal at E3 2021 this summer. 

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