Psychonauts 2 voice recording is wrapping up this week and it's getting emotional

Psychonauts 2
(Image credit: Double Fine)

Tim Schafer says all of his dialogue for Psychonauts 2 has been written and recording sessions with voice actors are rapping up this week.

The boss of Double Fine marked the milestone - which is especially noteworthy for a game where all the funny and freaky characters are at least half the appeal - on his Twitter account while also making a reference to one of the most painful scenes from Misery. Like you do.

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Earlier this month, Double Fine confirmed its plans to release Psychonauts 2 in 2021, and this announcement makes the studio meeting that release plan sound all the more likely. Psychonauts 2 has been in one form of development or another since its initial crowdfunding campaign closed in early 2016, so closing the book on character dialog is a big milestone. I'm honestly surprised that Schafer was still writing dialogue for the game this far into development, though we do know that Double Fine was able to restore and expand its plans for the game after it was purchased by Microsoft in 2019.

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The voice actor for Lili shared her emotional reaction to recording her final lines for the character as well. With all the finality oozing from these Tweets, it sounds like we shouldn't expect Psychonauts 2 to end with a cliffhanger for Psychonauts 3 or anything like that. Unless they're just playing mind games with us...

Our sister publication Edge went hands-on with Psychonauts 2 right at the end of last year, where Schafer cited some unexpected influences including the Uncharted series. 

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