New PS3 Bluetooth headset goes for a camo look

Nobody can see you when you play online games, but if you want to feel like you're even more invisible, Sony has a new way to camouflage yourself while taking down enemy troops in SOCOM or Killzone.

On April 19 you'll be able to shake up your officially licensed world with an"urban camouflage"-colored headset, available at the same price as the original black PS3 Bluetooth headset - that's $49.99 for those who don't want to google the price.

When it comes to Bluetooth headsets, there are a whole lot of options. There are even way-too-expensive designer headsets out there, but when it comes to officially licensed PS3 online gaming Bluetooth devices, there's only been one option until now.

Of course, any Bluetooth headset will work with the PS3. That's kind of the beauty of Bluetooth in the first place - you don't have to buy proprietary devices. However, Sony's headsets designed specifically for the PS3 have a special "High Quality" mode that'soptimized for gaming, plus a USB charging cradle that can plug into the console.

The Urban Camo headset also happens to arrive day and date with SOCOM 4, and is apparently a GameStop exclusive.

Feb 22, 2011