New Prometheus image surfaces online

Prometheus has debuted an intriguing new image online via viral website, Weyland Industries, the same source that brought us Guy Pearce’s futuristic TED talk last week.

The new image is accessed by following the website’s registration process, eventually unlocking a special URL. You might recognise the shot from a brief glimpse in the original teaser trailer, but now you can see it in lovely hi-res detail.

Naturally, we’re not entirely sure of exactly what we’re looking at, although it’s interesting to note the scale of the human figure standing in the middle of the screen.

The room itself also looks familiar… is that giant chair the same one that was occupied by the Space Jockey? And if so, when exactly is this image supposed to be set?

As is always the way with Prometheus , the latest viral tidbit has left us with more questions than answers. All will eventually be revealed when the film opens in the UK on 1 June 2012.

George Wales

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