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7 new Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, and Apple TV Plus movies and shows to stream this weekend

Ana de Armas in Blonde
(Image credit: Netflix)

The weekend is here, so why not reward yourself with some quality time in front of the TV? There's plenty to choose from this week, too, with movies like fictionalized Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde and Zac Efron starrer The Greatest Beer Run Ever fresh off the festival circuit and available to stream on Netflix and Apple TV Plus, respectively.

Elsewhere, the Sanderson sisters return in Hocus Pocus 2, which is now on Disney Plus for an early Halloween treat, and US subscribers to Prime Video can catch up on Michael Bay's latest, Ambulance, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul Mateen II. 

As for TV shows, there's new UK drill drama Jungle on Prime Video, as well as a new season of Ramy on Hulu. Plus, over on HBO Max, you can now catch all five seasons of Batman spin-off series Gotham about James Gordon's early days as a police detective.   

Blonde – Netflix

Ana de Armas in Blonde

(Image credit: Netflix)

Available: Worldwide
Watch now: Netflix (opens in new tab)

After a limited theatrical run, Blonde is out now on Netflix. Ana de Armas stars in this fictionalized take on the life of Marilyn Monroe, which was directed by Andrew Dominik and based on the 2000 novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. The movie also stars Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller, the playwright and third husband of Monroe, along with Bobby Cannavale as Monroe's second husband Joe DiMaggio and Julianne Nicholson as her mother. 

Jungle – Prime Video


(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Available: Worldwide
Watch now: Prime Video (opens in new tab)

The new six-part series is set in a version of London in the near future and follows the connected lives of a group of strangers through the prism of UK rap and drill music. As the strangers' worlds begin to unravel, they realize that every action, no matter how small, has consequences. The cast includes UK rappers like RA, IAMDDB, and M24, alongside newcomer Ezra Elliot in the series' lead role.

Hocus Pocus 2 – Disney Plus

Hocus Pocus 2

(Image credit: Disney)

Available: Worldwide
Watch now: Disney Plus

The first Hocus Pocus movie was released back in 1993 and has achieved something of a cult classic status in the 28 years since. The sequel will see three young women accidentally bring the Sanderson sisters (Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy) back to modern-day Salem and attempt to stop them from wreaking even more havoc. Anne Fletcher, who previously helmed iconic 00s movies like Step Up, 27 Dresses, and The Proposal, directed the sequel.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever – Apple TV Plus

Russell Crowe and Zac Efron in The Greatest Beer Run Ever

(Image credit: Apple Inc.)

Available: Worldwide
Watch now: Apple TV Plus (opens in new tab)

After premiering at Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, The Greatest Beer Run Ever has arrived on Apple TV Plus. The war comedy stars Zac Efron as John "Chickie" Donohue, a Marine Corps veteran living in '60s New York City, who decides to embark on a mission to sneak into Vietnam and deliver some support – and beer – to his friends on the front line. Russell Crowe and Bill Murray also star. 

Ambulance – Prime Video

Michael Bay's Ambulance

(Image credit: Universal)

Available: US
Watch now: Prime Video (opens in new tab)

If you missed the latest round of Bayhem in theaters, now's your chance to catch up on Prime Video if you're in the US. Directed by Michael Bay, Ambulance stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as adopted brothers who hijack an ambulance and take two EMTs hostage after a bank heist goes wrong. As you might expect, the action is unrelenting, the stunts are outrageous, and you can count on being on the edge of your seat.

Gotham seasons 1-5 – HBO Max

Ben McKenzie in Gotham

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Available: US
Watch now: HBO Max (opens in new tab)

All five seasons of Gotham are now available to stream on HBO Max. The series, which originally aired on Fox between 2014 and 2019, follows James Gordon (Ben McKenzie)'s early days as a detective in the Gotham City Police Force in the aftermath of the murder of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz)'s parents, as well as the origin stories of iconic Batman villains like The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and The Riddler (Cory Michael Smith). 

Ramy season 3 – Hulu

Ramy Youssef in Ramy

(Image credit: Hulu)

Available: US
Watch now: Hulu (opens in new tab)

Ramy season 3 is now streaming on Hulu, and all 10 episodes dropped on the platform at once for the perfect weekend binge-watch. Ramy Youssef returns as the titular character, and he also created, writes, and executive produces the comedy series. Actors like Succession's Hiam Abbass, who plays Ramy's mother, and Moon Knight's May Calamawy, who plays his sister Dena, are also back for season 3, while Bella Hadid has a guest role. 

If there's nothing here that tickles your fancy, then you might have to start looking into each streaming service's back catalogue, which can be a daunting task given how many titles they each host. Fear not, though... if you're a TV fan, then we've got you covered with our lists of the best Netflix shows, best Disney Plus shows, and the best Amazon Prime Video shows.

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