New Nerf Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster means it's game over, man (for your wallet)

New Nerf Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster means it's game over, man (for your wallet)
(Image credit: Hasbro)

Hasbro has unveiled a brand new Nerf Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster to celebrate the film's 35th anniversary. While it's modelled after the weapon used by Colonial Marines, this version is packing a unique Power Loader design inspired by the movie's finale. It's also armed with an electronic ammo counter to go with film-accurate sound effects (yelling "pew pew!" as you shoot at your housemates is now purely optional). You can pre-order it now from GameStop or Hasbro Pulse for $94.99.

As part of Nerf's LMTD range, the Nerf Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster is crammed with details from the 1986 movie. Besides an industrial paintjob inspired by the finale's mech-suit, serial numbers and Weyland Yutani logos give it a lived-in look that makes it feel as if it should be lying around an off-world construction site. If you're a fan of the universe, that probably catapults it to the top of any best Nerf guns list.

Nerf Aliens M41-A Pulse Blaster

(Image credit: Hasbro)

A weathered supply box means it's ready for display, too. Designed to look like a battered weapons crate from Weyland Yutaini, it features fun nods like a USS Sulaco sticker and a ripped blueprint for the blaster.

A dual-firing mechanism rounds out the package; this replica can unleash a salvo of motorized Elite darts from a 10-round clip or pump-action Mega Nerf bullets via the secondary barrel.

Sounds awesome, right? Cool your jets just a little. Unfortunately, it currently has a shipping date of October 2022. This doesn't mean it'll take that long to arrive, though - Hasbro Pulse often seems to overestimate wait-time, and its website notes that "items may ship earlier or later than anticipated".

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