New MvC3 trailers show Viewtiful Joe and Doromamomu(sic) in action

From the looks of Viewtiful Joe’s vid he seems like a nearidentical copy of his Tatsunoko vs Capcom version. He's a relatively small character, so like Ameratsu, his strange hitbox might make him a little more difficult to juggle.His quick attacks and launchers make it seem like he’ll be even faster and more combocentric than before. His trademark spike boomerang and bombs return and should be big parts of his arsenal; they'll help offset the miniscule reach of his tiny limbs. As before, Joe will need to punch or kick the bomb if he wants to move it around after it drops just like in his games.

Dormammu, a Dr. Strange villain, is one of MvC3’s all new characters. His video shows him using a lot of projectile options tohit opponentsafter knock downand for catching them after they’ve been knocked away. Most of the combos we see in the video seem to take place from a standing/crouching position, so Dormammu may not be as aerial minded as Viewtiful Joe. You have to admit his "Ghost Rider goes to a space wedding" look is pretty intimidating though.

It seems like Capcom is going to be stretching out these character reveals for as long as they can, so expect gameplay videos to accompany each character announcement. Judging from the qualityof thesetrailers and the smooth gameplay,MVC3 definitely looks like it’s on schedule and should have no problems meeting its March release date.

Aug 20, 2010

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