New MvC3 teaser videos show Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath in action

Capcom has just released two shiny new trailers for MvC3's upcoming DLC characters, Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. We've known about the characters for a while as they were revealed months ago, but his is the first time we've seen the two in action, and one of them looks much more interesting than the other.Spoiler Alert: It's the tentacle monster.

Jill Valentine

Of the two DLC characters, Jill looks a little boring. Her attacks are mostly of the punch kick cartwheel variety and her moveset and playstyle seem to bear a striking resemblance to X-23. Notice the aerial special move that drops her directly down on top of the enemy.While Jill isn't as fast as X-23, she seems to have a Hyper move similar to Wolverine's that dramatically increases her speed and adds a quick warp move for easy crossups. Jill's vanilla moveset is something of a let down after her awesome MvC2 moves, especially the flaming zombie,though I guess Chris's abundance of projectiles has filledher role. Not a fan of her RE5 redesign? If only there was some way Capcom could sellus a new costume for her over the internet...

Shuma Gorath

Shuma, on the other hand, looks to be as odd as his character design. His charging attackseems easy enough to combo out of, and looks as if it can beperformed in the air. His Mystic Stare projectile is back and works in the same way, tag an opponent with it and they'll get covered in eyes, manage to not get hit for a few seconds and the eyes explode, doing additional damage. Shuma's air throw also apparently drains energy from his opponent, giving him health back in the process. Unorthodox but interesting, Shuma willtake some practicebut brings some unique moves to the table.

So, my pro-Shuma bias aside, which character do you think looks better?

Jill Valentineand Shuma Gorathwill be available for download on Xbox Live and PSN on March 15th. They will cost 400 MS Points / $5.00 each.

March 8, 2011

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