New MCU book reveals Shuri is trying to make the herb that gives Black Panther powers

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A new book all about the MCU has hit the shelves, and it includes some interesting facts about what Shuri’s been up to in Wakanda.

Thanks to SyFy Wire, we know that, in The Wakanda Files, it’s revealed that Shuri is studying the Heart-Shaped Herb, the herb seen in Black Panther that gives the superhero enhanced powers like increased speed, agility and strength. We also saw the villainous Erik Killmonger burn Wakanda's entire supply of the Heart-Shaped Herb after nabbing the throne. Luckily, Shuri is turning her genius brain to making a synthetic version of the herb, which means the Black Panther legacy can continue.

Apparently, Shuri also thought about adding some vibranium to her synthetic creation, too, though she needs to examine a sample of the real plant before she can really get working. Vibranium is the strongest material in the Marvel universe, and it’s also Wakanda’s major natural resource. If anyone could successfully augment the herb with vibranium, it’s the incredibly clever Shuri. Whether this would make the effects of the herb stronger or not remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting idea.

Shuri’s work also opens up the possibility for a successor to the Black Panther mantle. After the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, Letitia Wright’s Shuri seems the likeliest candidate to become the newest incarnation of the superhero. Whatever’s next for Black Panther, we know the mantle would be in good hands with Shuri.

Until we see Shuri again in Black Panther 2, check out our guide to everything coming up in Marvel’s Phase 4.

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