New GTA: San Andreas artwork exposed

It's been all quiet on the GTA: San Andreas front ever since Rockstar released back in May, so it's good to finally see something else of the game today - even if it is only the packshot.

As expected, the cover art makes ample use of the while it also features ten small pieces of artwork of characters and locations from the PS2 crime-'em-up.

The images don't tell us a great deal about the game that wasn't unveiled but they do show off a selection of what are destined to become the game's trademark features: a drive-by, running a casino in Vegas-esque Las Venturra, jumping aboard trams in the San Francisco-inspired San Fierro region, and being on the run from the police. By means of pedalling away on a BMX, by the looks of things...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 22 October