New Godzilla vs. Kong trailer teases a spoilerific new fighter

Godzilla vs. Kong is one of the most highly anticipated films set to debut in March. And if excitement surrounding the biggest fight of the year couldn’t increase, the final trailer has definitely accomplished that, teasing a spoilerific new fighter. It’s fitting for a movie that serves as the culmination of the MonsterVerse, building upon the iconic characters while also expanding on their lore. Check it out above.

Depending on how you feel about spoilers in trailers, you could be a little disappointed or extremely excited by the new reveal. Most of the footage before this has been of Godzilla and Kong fighting, with action-packed teasers highlighting the slugfest. The buildup has been brewing for quite some time now – especially after the first trailer dropped in January with the discussion surrounding the film not slowing down. There have been merchandise reveals, TV spots, and sneak peeks to keep the hype going as strong as Kong’s left jab. 

One of Godzilla vs. Kong’s biggest discussion points has been **spoiler warning** Mechagodzilla, one of Godzilla's most well-known foes. A Mechagodzilla toy part of the Godzilla vs. Kong line was leaked last year, and it is now popping up in stores. With the new footage included in the final trailer, it looks like the mechanical titan is ready to make its appearance. 

There are no further details on how much screentime Mechagodzilla will have, but we don’t have to wait much longer. Godzilla vs. Kong premieres on HBO Max on March 31. In the meantime, you can check out upcoming movies, some of which will also make their debut on HBO Max this year. And you can get the best HBO Max prices through that link.

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