New Gears of War game rumours shot down by Xbox exec

Gears 5
(Image credit: The Coalition)

An Xbox executive has debunked a claim that two new Gears of War projects are in development.

Last week, the Xbox Era Podcast claimed they'd received new materials indicating two Gears of War projects were in the works: a Gears of War collection, and a new mainline Gears of War game. The podcast claimed to have a logo for each of the new projects, but earlier today on January 24, Xbox marketing director Guy Welch responded to a writeup of the podcast indicating that the logos were fake.

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It's a pretty simple statement from Welch, but straight to the point. It's worth noting that the Xbox Era Podcast was unable to corroborate the two logos that they received claiming to represent the new Gears of War projects, but still highlighted them as a possible leak.

Interestingly enough, this is far from the first time we've heard rumor of a Gears of War collection. Last year in 2022, the Xbox Era Podcast claimed twice, once in January and then again in May, that a remastered collection for the franchise was in development, but over a year after the initial claim, we're yet to see anything concrete come of it.

As for a Gears 6, developer The Coalition has never announced the project but gave us a peak at what it could eventually look like last year. The Coalition showed off brand new assets and character models as part of a tech demo for the flashy new Unreal Engine 5, paving the way for what a new Gears of War game could look like if it utilizes the new-gen game engine.

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