Gears of War series is apparently getting Halo: The Master Chief Collection treatment

Gears of War
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The Gears of War franchise could be getting a treatment similar to Halo: The Master Chief Collection according to a new rumor.

The rumor once again originates from the Xbox Era podcast. Earlier this year in January, the podcast speculated that an Xbox-owned franchise would be bundled together in a remastered collection, similar to how the Halo franchise was regrouped for a new launch via the Master Chief Collection on PC and Xbox consoles alike. 

This time though, the podcast hosts are getting a little more specific with their rumourmongering, with Nick Baker namechecking the Gears of War series as the franchise getting a relaunched collection. Additionally, Baker actually believes the collection is launching later this year.

That'd certainly make sense, given how Xbox and Bethesda delayed Starfield and Redfall last week to early 2023. Both games were meant to launch as major Xbox exclusives later this year in 2022, but have now slipped to some point in the following year, with the November 11 release date for Starfield being wiped out.

Baker speculates that we could see this new Gears of War collection debut at Xbox's 'E3' showcase later next month in June. E3 in the traditional sense might've been canceled this year, but Xbox and Bethesda are still holding their typical June conference as if the show was rolling on. You can tune into the showcase on June 12 to see what the future of Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios holds

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