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New Eclipse trailer online

Twihards rejoice - everyone else carry on with your business - a new trailer has appeared for the third installment of the Twilight Saga, and this time, the teeth, the claws and the furrowed brows are out in force!

Seriously if you don't care - stop reading!

To re-cap, Red-headed Vamp (in both senses of the word) Victoria (here played by Bryce Dallas Howard), is still intent on revenge for the death of her beau James at the hand of the Cullen family, and has secretly raised an army of pasty-white teens in Seattle... who are now headed for Forks, OMG!

With the entire town in danger, Carlisle Cullen is forced to form an uneasy truce with Jacob and the Wolfpack that will see them fight alongside each other in the broodiest battle of all time (did we say broodiest? Yeah, we meant broodiest).

Check out the trailer below;

The battle scene looks like they put a bit of effort in, and the trailer works some way to dispelling rumours of unrest on set, as everything looks up to par - even the werewolves look better than New Moon, and they aren't finished with post production yet.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released in the UK July 9th.

So, Twi-hard? Or suck-hard? Leave a comment!