New Blood For True Blood Season Five

New Brit boards the show, and he’ll have the hots for one of the established characters. WARNING: slight season four spoilers

According to TVLine , British-born newcomer Giles Matthey will play Claude, a fairy who features in the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Although the show never slavishly follows the books (so this may change in his transition to the screen) in his written incarnation he is a distant cousin of the Sookie’s dad. In the TV show, Claude will apparently quickly turn his attention to Jessica.

Claude appeared briefly in the True Blood season four premiere, “She’s Not There”, played by another actor – Lost’ s Neil Hopkins (he was Charlie’s brother Liam), although he was fairly unrecognisable under heavy make-up (see below).

True Blood season four premieres in the UK on FX on 5 February.