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New Avengers character banners revealed


The Avengers will be in cinemas before the end of next month, and to coincide with that fairly monumental event, Marvel have started to launch their full marketing attack.

The latest round features some rather neat banners, that share much of the character artwork with the recent Avengers character posters (but they're cool enough for us to forgive them that economy).

Plus, we get to see a fully-suited (albeit battle-damaged) Iron Man striking an forceful pose.

Check out the new Avengers banners below…

And if that weren't enough, a cool Japanese poster has also been unveiled. Admittedly, it looks a little like a novelisation cover, but there's something nicely retro about seeing the dressed-down characters aligned with their super-suited alter egos.

Check it out:

Marvel Avengers Assemble opens in the UK on 27 April 2012. Quite frankly, we'll happily take that title if it means we get to see the film in the UK a week before its US release.