North America gets swappable faceplates with the New 3DS Animal Crossing bundle

The New 3DS, with its Super Famicom colored buttons and interchangeable face plates, is finally coming to North America via an Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Bundle. It comes with two sets of faceplates (one featuring Isabelle's adorable little dog secretary face and another of a happily designed home), the system, a full game download, and an amiibo card to get you started.

If you're more interested in the fashion of faceplates than interior design for animals, you could always just get the bundle, ignore the download, and swap out the plates for something else. You'll probably need to do some importing to get the coolest designs, since everybody else got the New 3DS months before North America.

The New 3DS bundle will release alongside Happy Home Designer on September 25 for $219.99. If you'd rather just play on your Old 3DS, you can grab a bundle with the game, an amiibo card, and the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer bundle for $49.99. You'll need the latter to scan your amiibo cards in and start designing homes for special characters like Isabelle.

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