"We’re not changing" - Netflix confirms it won’t be releasing episodes weekly for most of its shows

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Despite some crossed wires, Netflix has confirmed that they will continue to make entire seasons of TV shows available from day one – though there may be some exceptions.

Recent reports claimed that the streaming service’s apparent decision to release an episode of The Great British Baking Show (known as Great British Bake Off across the pond) every week, rather than all at once, was a sign that they were testing the waters for a week-to-week release strategy. This, plus Disney announcing that their Disney+ streaming service originals will be release week-to-week, seemed to signify Netflix’s changing tact.

However, Netflix’s official Twitter account has revealed that won’t be the case, simply stating: “We’re not changing.”

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The confusion stems from The Great British Baking Show now being simulcast with Channel 4, where the show airs in the UK. In the past, all seasons of the show were released at once but, now it’s releasing in the same week on both Netflix and on Channel 4, the streaming service is being forced to release weekly.

Netflix has released plenty of show week-to-week in the past, too. For instance, Netflix UK is currently airing the final episodes of Suits week-to-week, mirroring how it airs on Wednesdays on the USA Network. The same happens with The Good Place and Better Call Saul, which are both Netflix Originals in the UK.

So, this is less a sign of Netflix changing with the times and more to do with the fact that the their hand has been forced on this particular occasion.

In summary: Netflix weekly releases aren’t a thing, except for in a few rare cases. All-at-once binge watches are still possible and won’t change anytime soon; all Netflix Original’s seasons will be available from Day One.

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