Move over, Spotify Wrapped – the internet wants to know their 2022 Netflix stats

(Image credit: Netflix)

By now you’ve probably already cringed over your Spotify Wrapped, the end-of-year recap highlighting your trends and listening history on the music streaming service. That, inevitably, has got everyone’s attention turned to other 2022 stats. And the internet is in agreement: we all want a Spotify Wrapped-style round-up for our Netflix viewing habits this year.

"Spotify Wrapped is interesting but can we have a Netflix Wrapped please?" one asked on Twitter. Another also added to the growing clamour for Netflix Wrapped. They said, "Hear me out, I think it’d be kinda cool if Netflix did something like Spotify Wrapped every year."

Some are even making predictions for what their Netflix Wrapped would look like. A subscriber said, "I would literally only have Gilmore Girls on mine but…still wanna see."

"If there was a Netflix Wrapped mine wouldn’t change each year. ‘This year you watched the same 6 TV shows on repeat again! Same as last year! And the year before! We are concerned!" one wrote.

An account has even gone a step further, suggesting an entire list of categories for the service. "Please make Netflix Wrapped like Spotify but call it something like Netflix Exposed idk," they wrote. "Some categories to get you started: Most rewatched show/ep, Unfinished shows, Shows you only watched a min of, Most play-backed scene, Most watched genre."

Others, though, aren’t as keen: "I’m kinda glad Netflix doesn't do something like Spotify Wrapped because I do not need to know how much I watched this year," one confessed. Another added, “If there was a Spotify Wrapped for Netflix I’d get roasted so hard.”

Netflix, as far as we know, don’t have plans for a 2022 recap. They did, however, get in on the Spotify Wrapped fun – cheekily suggesting Kate Bush’s Running up That Hill (which was brought back into the limelight after its use on Stranger Things season 4) has been played over a nonillion times. Yes, that’s a number. We checked.

Next up: how many of the best Netflix shows did you watch in 2022? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

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