Netflix has released another "binge-worthy" drama that may have gone under your radar

Surviving Summer
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Stranger Things has been dominating the Netflix streaming charts but it seems another teen drama may also be worth your time. Viewers of the new Australian surfing series Surviving Summer have been branding the show "binge-worthy" amid calls for a second season.

It follows a rebellious Brooklyn teen called Summer Torres (Sky Katz) who is sent to stay with family friends in Australia after getting into trouble. She finds herself in the small town of Shorehaven in Victoria amid the sun and the surf.

The 10-episode series landed on the platform on June 3 and it has been slowly creeping up the streamer’s Top 10 list. As well as this, Netflix viewers have been urging others to watch it across social media, calling it "so good".

"Y’all need to watch this it’s literally so good #SurvivingSummer," one fan wrote on Twitter about the new series. A second claimed it was "one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while!!" while a third branded it "so much fun".

Others have begun petitioning the streamer to bring the show back for a second season already. "I NEED SEASON 2 OF #SurvivingSummer NOWWWWW PLEASE @netflix!!!!," one wrote. Another added: "Watching #SurvivingSummer on @netflix was such a good one to watch!! Totally binged in a day. I loved it! Please have a season 2!"

A third wrote: "Love Love Love #SurvivingSummer on #Netflix really hope there is a season 2 getting the green light." While a fourth penned: "Surviving summer had no business being that good. Binge watched the heck out of it. Season 2 asap #survivingsummer."

There aren't many official reviews out there of the series so it’s yet to make an impact on Rotten Tomatoes. The average viewer rating on IMDb is currently sitting at 6.2 with 22 per cent of viewers awarding it the full five stars.

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