Netflix datamine uncovers hints to PlayStation and Ghost of Tsushima

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PlayStation images of a DualSense controller and Ghost of Tsushima have been discovered in the Netflix app by a dataminer.

Dataminer Steve Moser claims that they’ve found several traces of Netflix’s ‘N Game’ project in the streaming service app’s data and that it has the working title of ‘shark.’ Moser shared in a tweet that they’ve also found images of a DualSense controller and Ghost of Tsushima, hinting towards some kind of Sony partnership with the service. 

Earlier this week it was revealed that Netflix is reportedly expanding into the games market within the next year. According to a Bloomberg report, Netflix is looking to offer video games through the streaming service as soon as 2022. The streaming service has already dabbled in gamified media in the form of the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which played like a choice-based game and altered its plot as viewers selected various dialogue options. 

It was also rumored in May of last year that the media giant was expanding into video games where a spokesperson for the company told GamesRadar+ that they were "excited to do more with interactive entertainment" after it was revealed that Netflix had approached several veteran games industry executives to help guide the company's move into the video game sphere.

As for why Ghost of Tsushima is important, well it was revealed earlier this year that there is currently a Ghost of Tsushima movie in development with John Wick director Chad Stahelski, which may now be heading to Netflix. 

It wouldn’t be the first time that Netflix has dipped its toes into the video game industry either, as it has worked with video game studios before to release the likes of a Stranger Things - arguably one of the service’s most popular shows - video game and worked with Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive to introduce a Stranger Things themed DLC pack to the game. Not to mention another crossover that saw main characters Eleven and Hopper join the free-to-play MOBA Smite

As for Sony’s relationship with Netflix, the two companies have already secured a deal which sees many of Sony’s blockbusters, including the upcoming Uncharted movie which is based on the PlayStation exclusive game of the same name, and Venom 2, heading to the streaming service exclusively after its time in cinemas. 

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