Netflix confirms Enola Holmes sequel with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill returning

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
(Image credit: Netflix)

Enola Holmes was an instant hit for Netflix when it debuted last fall, and now it's been greenlit for a sequel . Stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill are both set to reprise their roles as Enola and Sherlock Holmes. The original film's director and writer - Harry Bradbeer and Jack Thorne, respectively - will also return alongside the stars. 

Enola Holmes is based on Nancy Springer's Edgar Award-nominated six-part book series, Enola Holmes Mysteries. The first and fifth books in the series were nominated for Edgar Awards in 2007 and 2010. Just like the books, the movie puts a dynamic female twist on the world's greatest detective and his family. Enola Holmes follows Sherlock Holmes' rule-breaking teen sister Enola, a gifted super-sleuth who often outsmarts him and their other siblings. 

In an interview with Deadline last year, director Bradbeer talked about the chances for a sequel before Enola Holmes made its debut on Netflix. “That decision has got to be made, but I think it would be really exciting.” In the same interview, Brown added, “Yeah, there’s more of the story to be told. The story isn’t over yet. She isn’t grown up, there’s no conclusion. I think she’ll forever be someone who is always evolving, but there’s definitely more to be shown on screen. Harry and I loved working together, so this has to happen.”

While there are no further casting confirmations or details for the plot of Enola Holmes sequel, there is a good chance Dr. John Watson could make an appearance. Watson is a timeless companion to Sherlock Holmes. It could be interesting to see him get outwitted by his partner's younger sister. 

You can watch the first installment of Enola Holmes on Netflix, where you can find some of our picks for the best Netflix movies to check out as well. 

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