Need a Red Dead Redemption 2 bottle opener? Candle? Dominoes? The Outlaw Essentials collection is for you

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a video game. But thanks to developer Rockstar's freshly-announced "Red Dead Redemption 2 Outlaw Essentials Collection," it is also a collection of words you will find *ahem* branded onto a USB charger shaped like a stick of dynamite, a candle, a domino set, and so, so many more things.

According to a post on the Rockstar newswire, the two-and-a-half dozen pieces of merch that comprise the Outlaw Essentials Collection will be available in limited quantities through the Rockstar Warehouse (what the studio calls its online storefront) and "other select retailers, including GameStop". No further details on pricing or exact availability were given.

There are a whopping 30 pieces of merch in the Outlaw Essentials Collection, some more kitschy than others. We've embedded a gallery showing them off below:

Personally, I'm keen on the scented candles, particularly because they seem to contain so many odors. Here's Rockstar's description: "Blow open your nostrils with this blood orange, incense, amber, rockrose, smoked cedar, sandalwood, violet leaf and juniper tar-scented, black wax candle".

At first I thought that must be a list of options you could choose from, but the use of singular words like "this" and "candle" makes me think otherwise. In which case, that is the most scent-packed candle I have ever heard of. What's your favorite?

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