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Narnia, Harry Potter and Discworld stamps

The Royal Mail are releasing new stamps this March based on our favourite magic-using types

The Magical Realms series, to be issued on Tuesday 8 March, features eight stamps exploring some of the more famous wizardy types from literature. From the legendary tales of King Arthur to the million-selling books of Terry Pratchett and JK Rowling, Royal Mail has selected four sets of stories with two characters from each appearing on the new stamps.

The result is a combination of film imagery and newly-commissioned work featuring Merlin and Morgan le Fay, Aslan and The White Witch, Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort and Rincewind and Nanny Ogg. Here's a picture.

The stamps are 35mm by 35mm and the illustrations are by Howard Swindell. A presentation pack (number 453, for those who enjoy facts) costs £6.21 and comes with British fantasy facts written by Kim Newman. Stamp cards cost £3.60 for the set. Stamp fans might also like to know there are Gerry Anderson-flavoured stamps available now - find out more about all Royal Mail themed stamps here .