My Time at Portia's Chinese Valentine's Day update is downright romantic

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My Time at Portia is leaning into its romantic side with a festive update celebrating the Chinese Qixi Festival, sometimes referred to as China's Valentine's Day. The Romance Update, available today, adds new romance-based missions and side missions for various characters, as well as new dialogue and updated language options.

My Time at Portia is an adorable little life sim and crafting game out now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. You spend time in the lovely and colorful small town of Portia, where your primary goal is to restore your father's old workshop to its former glory.

In your free time, you can help out your neighbors by completing work orders or taking on quests, or instead go on dates with eligible Portia inhabitants and eventually get married. It's the latter aspect of My Time at Portia that today's Romance Update expands upon. Pursuing romantic relationships in Portia unlocks new relationship perks, social interactions, and selfie poses. Like we say in our review, it's all so very wholesome.

Alongside new romance missions and related rewards, the latest update to My Time at Portia adds newly-optimized Korean text and implements Brazilian Portuguese translation as well. Bug fixes and quality-of-life adjustments have also been added with the Romance Update, which can be seen in their entirety on the Steam page for My Time at Portia.

Unfortunately for those of us playing My Time at Portia on any of the console platforms, it seems the Romance Update is only available on Steam, at least for the moment. The announcement mentions the Steam platform specifically but doesn't get into its availability on any other platform.

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