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Muse Would Love To Do Bond Theme

When the title of the 22nd Bond film – Quantum Of Solace – was revealed a couple of years back, many speculated that Muse were the only band capable of getting a title like that into a song. After all, they'd already recorded tracks that seemed to be named after theories out of a physics text book, such as Supermassive Black Hole, Map Of The Problematique, Hyper Music, Knights Of Cydonia and Spiral Static.

And besides, they have a sound that reeks of Bondness

In the end, the job of providing the second Daniel Craig Bond with a theme went to Jack White and Alicia Key, who cowarded out of the challenge and wrote a disappointingly un-Bond-like ditty called Another Way To Die.

Now, with Bond 23 in preproduction, Muse have told the BBC that they would be keen to record the theme for the next James Bond film.

"It's something we'd probably say yes to, or at least give it a good go," drummer Dom Howard said. "Certainly some of our music fits with the James Bond vibe - and I think it could work," Howard said.

So come on, Eon. See sense this time, and give the boys a chance. The last British group to do a Bond theme was Duran Duran with A View To A Kill, so it's about time the superspy flew the flag for British music again. And think what wonders Muse could do with the remain un-used Bond titles The Hildebrand Rarity and Risico (though the other two remaining unused titles The Property Of A Lady and 007 In New York sound respectively more like Pink and Strokes songs to us…)