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Mulan Funko Pop
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Struggling to find Mulan Funko Pop figures? Don't worry, you're not the only one. They've only just been released, but these miniature versions of the new live-action remake are already selling out. That's why we've been busy hunting down whatever stock we can. You'll find these links below.

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Its scarcity probably shouldn't be surprising. Now that we can watch Mulan from the comfort of home (thanks, Disney Plus), there was going to be a lot of interest in the accompanying Mulan Funko Pop figures - especially the 'Warrior Mulan' version. In fact, the latter has completely sold out on Funko's official page.

That doesn't mean it's unavailable everywhere else, though. Best Buy and Amazon are stocking the Warrior Mulan Funko Pop in the US, while Amazon and Zavvi have it in the UK. Both regions feature plenty of alternate designs as well, including a 'Villager Mulan' from the remake and various figures (like Mushu the dragon) from the animated version.

Curiously, there only seem to be two Mulan Funko Pop figures inspired by Mulan 2020 in this collection. No other characters are featured, and that's an oddity for such a big blockbuster. It's fitting, though - the movie has had an eventful journey to the screen, and it's only available via Premier Access on Disney Plus right now (what is Premier Access? Our guide has everything you need to know on Disney's experiment).

Holding out to see Mulan 2020? You don't have long to wait; here's when Mulan will be free with your Disney Plus subscription. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Mulan Funko Pop deals below.

Mulan Funko Pop - Live-action

Warrior Mulan

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This Mulan Funko Pop is the star of the range; it features the character in her now-iconic battle-pose and red robes. Out of the two figures based on the live-action remake, this is our favorite.

However, don't hang around if you want it for yourself. It's quickly selling out, so move fast to avoid disappointment.

Villager Mulan

The second of Funko's live-action Mulan range is 'Villager Mulan'. It's a more casual, everyday look inspired by her pre-war outfit. This one is just as unwilling to put up with your crap, though - just look at that no-nonsense pose.

We've not had any word of other figures based on Mulan 2020 as yet, but we'll let you know if that changes. 

Mulan Funko Pop - classic


This Mulan Funko Pop is inspired by the original animated version from 1998, and it captures the hero perfectly. Relive the cartoon that brought us songs like Reflection and Make a Man Out of You with this figure.


Mushu the dragon doesn't appear in the new live-action Mulan, but he can be found in figurine form as part of the Mulan Funko Pop range. A few different models are available (including a supersized version), and you'll find them below.

Li Shang

Mulan's commanding officer is reporting for duty in figurine form - he's another entry in the Mulan Funko Pop range. Despite being a casualty dropped for the live-action Mulan remake, he's still around in Pop form.

Mulan on Khan

This figure from the Mulan Funko Pop range is a little more expensive than the others, but that's because it's a fair bit bigger. Here Mulan can be seen from the end of the film, riding into the proverbial sunset on horseback. It's easily the most impressive figure out of the classic set.

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