Ms. Marvel credits may have accidentally revealed a major MCU cameo is on the way

Ms. Marvel
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There's a familiar name in the Ms. Marvel end credits... While no one too major from the wider MCU appeared in episode 1 of the Disney Plus’ latest Marvel series – apart from Damage Control’s Agent Cleary – one was name-checked in the credits. 

Among the names in the end sequence was Chris Milone, who is credited as the "Makeup Artist to Ms. Steinfeld". 

Hallie Steinfeld played Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series opposite Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton. However, she hasn’t appeared in Ms. Marvel, leaving everyone to wonder if it was a mistake or if Marvel had just spoiled an upcoming cameo. 

At the end of the Hawkeye series, Barton handed over the Hawkeye moniker to Bishop, but she hasn’t made an appearance since. There’s been some speculation that she’ll be appearing in the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels, which will co-star Ms. Marvel, while others think she could potentially be part of bringing the Young Avengers into Marvel Phase 4

Ms. Marvel credits

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The members of the young superhero group have been slowly introduced to the MCU over the past few years: Cassie Lang in Ant-Man, Bishop in Hawkeye; Wiccan and Speed in WandaVision, Eli Bradley/Patriot in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Kid Loki in Loki.

It’s possible a potential cameo in Ms. Marvel could set the superhero team up for a future appearance. While Kamala Khan’s not a part of the group in the comics, she’d be a prime candidate based on her age and powers.

Ms. Marvel’s creative team has been tight-lipped about cameos on their way in the series so far. In a recent chat with TVLine, director Adil El Arbi wouldn't reveal anything, saying: "We will not confirm nor deny the presence of any cameos in the show."

There is also another option: the credit was simply a mistake. There’s been no news from Disney on it and it didn’t appear at the end of episode 2. So, we’ll have to keep watching to find out exactly what all this means – check out our Ms. Marvel release schedule so you don’t miss an episode.

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