More X-Men show off their Hellfire Gala looks on June variant covers

variant cover for Marauders #21
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Hot on the heels of Hollywood's big fashion night at the Oscars, Marvel Comics is showing off even more red carpet looks to be worn by the mutants of Krakoa for the X-Men line's upcoming 'Hellfire Gala' event, a massive mutant prom where the citizens of the sovereign mutant island will come together in a night of haute couture excitement.

The newly released design sheet variant covers of June 2's Marauders #21 and X-Force #20 show off some of the characters from each team's line-ups in their Hellfire Gala finery.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Joshua Cassara's X-Force #20 cover, tweeted with the announcement that X-Force will serve as security for the Hellfire Gala, features nearly all of the team dressed in sleek black evening wear that seems to double as superhero style suits, complete with X-logo bolo ties. The cover includes Wolverine, Sage, Beast, Domino, and Kid Omega in these sleek security tuxes.

The exception to that on the X-Force cover is Xavier, who sports a white and rose gold ensemble that resembles his current Krakoa look, but with plenty of what the kids call 'drip' gussying it all up.

Then there’s the cover of Marauders #21, tweeted with a 'thank you' to the Marauders, who are the sponsors of the Hellfire Gala by way of their Hellfire Trading Company.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

That cover, from Matteo Lolli, shows off gala outfits for Pyro, Sebastian Shaw, Banshee, Bishop, and Iceman, all of whom will sport togs based on their X-Men outfits, but with some extremely extra embellishments.

Following the release of these two covers, Marvel has also unveiled similar covers for Excalibur #21, Hellions #12,  New Mutants #19, SWORD #6, Way of X #3, X-Corp #2, and X-Men #21.

Here's a gallery of all the covers:

The 'Hellfire' Gala will debut the recently announced line-up of the new official Krakoan X-Men, and will run through nearly the entirety of the current 'Reign of X' X-Men line. The mini-event also includes a one-shot Planet-Size X-Men #1, which Marvel bills as the launching point for the next big X-Men story.

The 'Hellfire Gala' runs all through June, with Planet-Size X-Men #1 due out June 16.

Before the Hellfire Gala kicks off, stay up on everything mutant-related with our listing of all the new X-Men comics, graphic novels, and collections in 2021 and beyond.

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