Monster Hunter Rise takes cat petting to the next level

Monster Hunter Rise sees your cat petting features, games industry, and raises you exchanging secret handshakes with your cat.

Having already shown off the adorable ways that you can pet and play with your Palamute (the giant, dog-like companion that doubles as your mount in Monster Hunter Rise), Capcom has put out a new video to assure fans that you can also share good times with your Palico. That includes playing with a toy, picking them up and telling them what a good little friend they are, and - as I mentioned before - exchanging an extended secret handshake that involves a high five, fist bumps, jaunty spins, and finger guns

Palicoes have been a Monster Hunter staple for years, and we got to spend some proper cuddle time with the humanoid felines in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. That was just when you went to the hot springs, though, so being able to pal it up with your Palico while you're out on the hunt is a logical evolution. I know it's a Switch exclusive, but this is truly next-gen gaming.

Of course, your Palico and Palamute friends aren't just there to keep you company. When you're hunting solo, you'll be able to bring two of them along at once while you're out on the hunt for giant beasts. Even in four player co-op, you'll still be able to bring one along for clutch assists and unconditional love.

Monster Hunter Rise is headed to Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

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