Here are six minutes of new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay footage

Monster Hunter Rise
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has dropped a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise, showing a full six-minutes of delicious sword-flavoured gameplay.

A sequel to Monster Hunter World, Rise's name is in reference to the game's verticality, introducing new gameplay mechanics to the next instalment of the fan-favourite franchise, including your grappling hook and Wirebugs, which can be used pretty much anywhere.

But that's enough talk – here, take a look yourself: 

"A brief overview of the flow of the hunt, wielding a Great Sword and with two Palamutes," Capcom explains in the video description. "Today's target is the peculiar bird wyvern Aknosom, in the Shrine Ruins. Aknosom is a tricky foe, but thankfully, the Great Sword has a few new tricks up its sleeve…"

As you'll see from the trailer, Capcom also confirmed that Hunters will be able to carry out a number of actions whilst on the back of their new companion, the Palamute, including boosting stamina, sharpen weapons, and drinking potions when on the move. We also see firsthand how a Hunter can take down the Aknosom. 

As Austin explained when the game was first revealed back in September, Rise features new dog companions called Palamutes which you can ride around maps. You can heal and use items while riding them, and they never run out of stamina, so they're ideal for chasing monsters or covering long distances. Palamutes can also join you in combat, and between them and your Palico, you can have up to two partners follow you around. And in case you wondered, yes, you can pet your doggy sidekick in it. 

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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