Monster Hunter Rise cross-save and cross-play between PC and Switch impossible, says Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise
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Monster Hunter Rise PC and Switch versions won't support cross-play or cross-progression, Capcom has announced.

The announcement came just yesterday on October 11 from Capcom, through the tweet you can see just below. In the statement, Capcom acknowledges the large volume of requests from players for both cross-play and cross-progress for the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Monster Hunter Rise, but says that it's unfortunately not possible right now.

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It's unclear why Capcom couldn't get the two features to work across both versions of Monster Hunter Rise, but it's clear that both were actively investigated throughout the development of the game. This means that, when Monster Hunter Rise launches on PC early next year in January, Switch players, unfortunately, won't be able to carry over their characters to the new platform, or play with newcomers on PC.

Monster Hunter Rise finally comes to PC early next year on January 12, 2022. Just recently, Capcom unveiled the Sunbreak DLC for Monster Hunter Rise, a supposedly huge expansion that will debut new monsters and locations alike for the already massive game. If anything, it sounds similar in scope and scale to that of the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World, which introduced dozens of fearsome new beasts and storylines to pursue.

Both PC and Switch players might not be able to play with one another, but the Sunbreak expansion will be a simultaneous launch across both platforms when it arrives next year in Summer 2022. There might not be a future for Switch and PC players together in Monster Hunter Rise, but at least there's plenty to look forward to.

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