Modern Warfare giant teddy bear Easter egg triggers an invasion on Station

Players have spotted a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare giant teddy bear Easter egg, and it's a freaky yet fun break from all the conspiracies of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

YouTuber ZLine spotted the uncanny Easter egg, which you can easily replicate yourself with a few minutes of play (assuming you have the right unlocks). Here are the steps ZLine follows to activate the Modern Warfare giant teddy bear Easter egg:

  • First, customize your loadout with the Overkill perk, then equip an LMG in both of your weapon slots.
  • Load up a custom game set in the Station map
  • Look for the concrete wall reliefs on the side of the train station building. There should be six of them, and you'll need to shoot each one for a good while until they break.
  • Behind five of the reliefs will be numbers, while one will reveal a keypad. Write down the five numbers from left to right then shoot the corresponding keypad buttons in the same order (aim carefully and take your time).
  • Turn around, jump on top of the train, and watch the show.

If you've triggered the Easter egg successfully, the earth will shake around you as a kaiju-sized teddy bear with glowing red eyes emerges in the distance. It will loom ominously for a few moments before fighter jets zip past overhead and blast it back down.

Does this mean anything? Probably not. But it is goofy and fun, which is always the best kind of Easter egg.

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