Misfits Series 4: Creator And Producer Reveal Details & Pics

Misfits creator Howard Overman and producer Matt Strevens gave a webchat on the show’s official site about series four on Wednesday. Here are some of the highlights:

Asked about how the new characters would affect the show and if fans would miss the old characters, Overman replied, “We'll replace them with equally entertaining characters. Nobody likes it when their favourite characters leave a show, but EastEnders survived without Rolly the poodle, and so will we.”

Strevens added, “I think this season may be the funniest yet and the chemistry between the new gang is fantastic. There is also the beginnings of a great double act bromance between Rudy and new guy Finn.”

More on the new characters: “So we have Jess and Finn [who] are on community service and we meet them in episode one. Then we have Alex, who is not in orange but is key to the series story arc. And finally Abby who the gang meet at a party later in the series but you will have to see if she joins the main gang or not…”

Strevens continued: “As when Rudy replaced Nathan we're not trying to replace like with like .The new gang are very different and the dynamic feels totally new – but still Misfits”

Overman hinted that we might be hearding news of the US version of the show soon: “The storm will reach any country which i sell the format to. So it looks like there might be a storm in America soon...”

Curtis will have a new flame but, said Overman, “she may not be the one.”

There'll be a new probation officer: “We do have a fab new probation worker called Greg who has anger management issues. He's played by the wonderful Shaun Dooley,” revealed Strevens.

“Probation workers are never safe in Misfits,” added Overman. “Although the new one is a scary bastard.”

Overman said we could expect, “killer rabbits and the four horsemen of the apocalypse and a puppy [that] meets a very tragic demise. In some ways this series is a lot like Pet Rescue, only with super powers and swearing.” (We're not sure how serious he's being here…)

Asked about specific new super powers, Strevens replied, “Okay, I can do you telekinesis, x-ray vision, a very bad memory, and the power to be pussy whipped.”

Rather mysteriously, when asked about whether we'd be seeing more of Simon and Alisha, Overman replied, “Not in this series, but who knows what might happen in the future? There is a plan... which is unusual for me.”

Rudy is in for some love action: “There is lots. Some meaningless twisted sex and maybe even real lurve. We also learn just how many people he's slept with – via another very odd power.”

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