Misfits Series 3 Its (not quite) Official

Creator Howard Overman officially says a “no comment” as the BFI launch for series two, but from the way he’s talking, it seems it’s pretty much a done deal…

It looks like Misfits series three is pretty much a done deal, even if creator/writer Howard Overman responded to Jonathan Ross’s probing last night at the BFI launch for series two with, “I was told not to mention that…”

However, the audience was left in little doubt that another series of the E4 ASBO superheroes phenomenon would be back from some of the other things Overman was saying.

When Ross asked whether it was tiring writing all the episodes himself, Overman responded, “We tried to use some other writers on the first series, but it didn’t work out. I’d love for other people to come on and write for it. We are looking for other writers. So if you want to pitch ideas.” (To which Ross replied, “You’re just using me to get to my wife!” referring to his other half, Jane Goldman, scriptwriter of Kick-Ass .)

Overman also addressed the issue of what would happen after the end of series two when the show’s main characters will have ended their probation, saying that he has, “a contrived but humorous way to get them back into orange jumpsuits – otherwise we don’t have a show.”

He also revealed that we won’t be seeing a movie version of Misfits : “No. We’ve had some offers. But we decided that we’ve told that story already. We just feel, can we make it any better? I doubt it. I just don’t see the point of a rehashed version with a bigger version. Is it worth it? I’m sure we could all make a few quid.”

On the other hand, there could be a US version, though Overman didn’t sound massively keen: “Again, I’m not sure I’m supposed to talk about that. There’s been a lot of interest in it and talk about maybe doing an American version, but you just have to make sure it’s done in the right way. The idea was always to do a very British take on the superhero genre, in the way that Shaun Of The Dead did zombies. And would that translate back to America? I don’t know.”

The first episode was screened at the BFI launch, and was met with a rapturous response. Ross then told us that he’d seen the first three episodes; “One is good. Two is great. Three is the best they’ve ever done.”

There was also a very spoilery montage of clips from the series, but we’re not giving away anything here, except that you get to see Kelly in a dress, Nathan in a bra and the whole lead cast in some costumes that got a huge cheer from the audience.

Misfits series two starts airing on Thursday 11 November, 10pm, E4. For exclusive content visit www.e4.com/misfits .

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