DICE explains why Mirror's Edge Catalyst is delayed

It's been seven years since her last outing, so it's not surprising that Faith might need some more time to get up to speed. Mirror's Edge Catalyst producer Sara Jansson revealed on the game's official blog that DICE and EA have decided to push the game's release date back three months to May 24, 2016. So just a little bit closer to our real-life dystopian future, then.

Jansson said the studio will use those extra months to make scrabbling around the City of Glass as "entertaining, impressive, and memorable" as it can be. Catalyst gives Faith a few new tricks, like a grappling hook and rebuilt Runner Vision, all while refining her old freerunning moves to shine in her new open-world surroundings.

It doesn't hurt that the new release date should give Mirror's Edge Catalyst some more elbow room. The game was originally set to come out on February 23, 2016, the same day as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Far Cry Primal, and just a week after Street Fighter 5. At least now you'll have more time to work up the nerve to apply that temporary eyelid tattoo from the Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition.

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Connor Sheridan

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