Yep, Faith's definitely got a grappling hook in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

We calledMirror's Edge Catalyst having a grappling hookway back in June. Now this piece of art confirms it, showing that mysterious gauntlet retracting a line, apparently pulling Faith up at quite the speed. No information on how it works yet - free use or scripted moments? Here's the full image:

The official Mirror's Edgepagefeaturing the image doesn't even reference the gadget, just fleshes out some backstory elements. That has Faith's parents as civil right activists killed in riots after a protest got out of hand. There's a mention of KrugerSec, the large private security firm run by the main villain, Kruger, and Faith is pitched as neutral in the ongoing confrontation between evil industries ruling the city and the "Black November resistance movement". You can see someMirror's Edge gameplay in actionfrom Gamescom. Nograpplinghook, so presumably it's being saved for a 'surprise' later.

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